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Tipster Score: 100   Grade: A+ (Exceptional)
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Football tipster services frequently adopt the high strike rate but low odds philosophy but an exception to that is Chloe’s Football Focus on the Betting Gods network. The odds are high and the profit figures are even higher. Average monthly profit currently stands at £1,312.64 as of the time this review was originally published.

The Return on Investment (ROI) is equally as impressive at just over 96%. It all sounds great but the key question is how sustainable is that? That’s what we will explore in the extensive review period. This will include daily updates and post result analysis.

An encouraging sign is this tipster quotes odds from both bookmakers and exchanges. This shows an understanding of the challenges followers face in terms of account closures and bookmaker restrictions. Another area which caught our attention was the commission percentage deducted in the recorded results when an exchange is used for the highest odds. It’s the Betfair Exchange base rate of 5% which is higher than most followers will pay so the quoted profit figures are actually conservative is anything. Regular traders / bettors will benefit from a discounted rate and alternatives such as Smarkets charge a lower percentage by default. There is a ‘Premium Charge’ on Betfair Exchange to consider however which is applied to succesful accounts in addition to standard commission.

Updates will be provided regularly for Chloe’s Football Focus including post-match analysis and projected future results. The full documented results history for the service is accessible on the Betting Gods network.

October Update: Positive start to the review period with significant profit made most notably through an under total goals market that had odds of around 10/1 (11.00). Frequently uses asian handicap markets which are a little more difficult to access as exchange liquidity is much lower than match winner and total goals markets. Major bookmakers such as Bet365 and Unibet offer them however. Limitations could be an issue if profit is sustained though as both of those bookmakers have a reputation for restricting profitable accounts to very small stake limits.

November 2017 – Mixed results over the past few weeks. Periods of winners and then losing streaks. Consistency is ideal with tipsters but due to variance erratic performance like this is expected. Maintains Grade A for now.

January 2018 – After monitoring across the festive break and into the new year we have no hesitation in awarding this service the full 100/100 ‘Exceptional’ rating. All selections now come with detailed reasoning. Profit is significant and sustained with regular large price winners (including Espanyol most recently to beat Barcelona at over 10/1). Highly recommended. Results continue to impress towards the end of January with a Return on Investment in excess of 30% this month.

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