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Footy Doubles review results

Footy Doubles Review Synopsis:

Tipster Score: 90  Grade: A (Very Good)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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Recorded Profit: £1012.08 (March 2017 – Present)
Actual Results: £1044.20 (+3.17%)
Return on Investment: 12.71%
Strike Rate: 49.10%
Value Metric: 88%

Proofing Results Table Explanation and Key Definitions: 

Recorded Profit – this refers to the profit stated by the tipster service in the official results spreadsheet. In this case the spreadsheet available on Betting Gods

Actual Results – the Checkatipster team follow the service by placing bets following all advisory using bookmaker and/or exchange accounts. This is an important aspect of the review as it measures if the odds quoted by the tipster are available and easy to obtain. It also measures external factors such as bookmaker restrictions. This section shows the actual profit achieved by following the tipster which may be below or in rare cases exceed the recorded profit.

Value Metric – considers the margin at which losing bets are unsuccessful on average. In other words can the tipster identify value markets reliably and simply has bad luck in some cases. This allows our team to make more accurate projections regarding a tipsters future performance. The scale for this is 1-100%

Placing bets other than singles is often refered to as a mug’s game given the fact it amplifies the bookmaker edge. Doubles, trebles and accumulators are encouraged by bookmakers through promotions such as ‘acca insurance’ for that very reason.

Footy Doubles is a service on the Betting Gods network and has done something most would consider unlikely – made a significant profit from bookmakers using multiple bets. So we approach this review with an open mind. If the tipster is finding high value selections and combining them then it is certainly possible to make a profit.

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By using multiple bets it will greatly reduce the chance of bookmaker restrictions/limitations as most systems used to identify ‘danger punters’ will let members who regularly place multiples slip through the net.

Frequent updates will be published for this Footy Doubles review. In the meantime you can check out the full results history and service information on Betting Gods.

October Review Update for Footy Doubles – Impressive results in terms of units profit so far. Return on Investment (ROI) also above our expectations. Odds are easy to obtain and (so far) there have been no issues with bookmaker limitations. This is almost certainly because doubles and indeed all multiples are usually the sign of a ‘mug punter’ and so their systems will not flag accounts. So far highly recommended with an ‘A Grade’

Footy Doubles Results Graph

Footy Doubles Betting Gods sign up

Footy Doubles
Reviewed by Harry from Checkatipster

Footy Doubles achieved a high rating after delivering sustained profit with attainable odds. The Subscription cost is low and the volume of selections is conservative.

Rating: 4.8

November 2017 Update for Footy Doubles:

Currently £17 profit recorded for this calender month. Certainly able to identify value markets. Easy to get the odds quoted or around that level. No bookmaker restrictions to report as of yet despite sustained profit.

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