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Tipster Score: 80  Grade: B (Good)
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This could be something special. Not because the profit figures quoted are eye watering or the return on investment is through the roof but instead this tipster records results at BSP (Betfair Start Price). To say that’s rare in the tipster industry would be an understatement. It’s easily the most frequently reported problem for those following profitable tipsters – trying to get the odds quoted when the market moves so quickly and odds shorten by such a significant margin especially with horse racing selections.

For example a tipster may quote a price of 12/1 for a horse the day before the race. Within minutes of sending this selection to subscribers hundreds or even thousands of people rush to bookmakers and exchanges to get this price. The outcome of this is limited or even no market liquidity on Betfair, BETDAQ and Smarkets so that’s not a viable option or bookmakers slash prices to protect their liability.

Many bookmakers refuse to take bets until the morning of racing completely and if you are placing bets that comfortably beat the SP regularly that’s a one way ticket to account restrictions. It’s almost certain your account will be flagged and consequently staking anything over double digits will be impossible.

The fact that Robert Fraser Racing eliminates this problem completely makes it highly appealing and with a 15.02% Return on Investment (ROI) as of the time this review was originally published it’s hard not to be impressed. will continue to monitor this service and follow the advisory. This should be far easier than most other services we are tasked with reviewing as it will simply require selecting the BSP option on Betfair Exchange to guarantee achieving the quoted odds that will be recorded in the monthly profit/loss reports.

October Robert Fraser Racing Review Update – Following advisory is easy using the BSP feature on Betfair Exchange. Since monitoring has commenced our team have achieved a modest profit. It will take time to evaluate the potential this service has long term as there have been some significant downswings (and recoveries) over recent months. Minor fluctuations are to be expected but the periods studied are more dramatic and so a cause for concern. More updates will be published shortly.

Robert Fraser Racing Review | Betting Gods Network [Tipster Overview, Score & Rating]
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