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Tipster Score: 95  Grade: A (Excellent)
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Tennis tipsters typically have a bad reputation for simply failing to identify high value selections and make a profit or more commonly using markets with low odds that make it virtually impossible to make a significant income reliably.

Robert Fraser Tennis looks to avoid these common pitfalls though with high average odds and industry leading results in terms of units profit and return on investment. As an active subscriber to this service we’ll monitor results closely providing daily updates.

An area of concern initially is the availability of odds. Looking at a small sample of results it would appear the quoted odds are frequently only available at a limited number of small bookmakers. Our team will attempt to follow the service via exchanges to see if it’s possible to do so (i.e is there sufficient liquidity in most cases) and consequently avoid bookmaker restrictions which are inevitable placing large stake singles on tennis exclusively.

After an extensive review period we’ll provide a summary and overall rating for Robert Fraser Tennis. In the meantime more information is available at Betting Gods including a full results history for the service.

As always only recommend using a tipster service that is reputable and verified. An easy method to check the authenticity of a service is to view the overall rating given by our team (on a 1-100 scale). This will be available for all services that have undergone a lengthy review period. Remember to gamble responsibly even when following verified tipster services. Losing streaks can and will happen and effective bankroll management is required to deal with this.

October 2017 Review Update for Robert Fraser Tennis

We have followed this service for over 6 months since its launch on the Betting Gods network and the results have proved highly impressive. Average monthly profit is currently recorded as £367.07 in the official results section however the figure our team has achieved via exchanges exceeds this amount by +6.4% due to the fact the accounts used have discounted commission. The official results record profit with a 5% deduction which is the maximum charge on Betfair Exchange. Using competitors such as Smarkets will reduce that to a flat 2% or alternatively placing bets frequently and with a high volume will apply the commission discount. The difference may seem marginal but it makes a large impact on results when following long term.

Selections are provided the evening before matches are scheduled to start in most cases. The average notice given was 14.2 hours during the trial period we monitored. Odds quoted are typically from low-margin options such as Pinnacle Sports, Tempobet and Bethard which isn’t ideal for some as these bookmakers have limited access in some countries including the United Kingdom. Robert Fraser Tennis makes it clear that he recommends using exchanges in most cases though and frequently provides odds for that method of placing bets. The odds quoted are typically around or even just below the start price when the match begins so we can’t foresee any issues in that area for potential subscribers.

Robert Fraser Tennis Review - Advisory Email
Robert Fraser Tennis Review – Advisory Email Notification. Selections can also be accessed via the Betting Gods IOS/Android Application. Reasoning is provided for some selections (rarely)

To summarise; over the period we have followed a Robert Fraser Tennis the results have matched all expectations. The service has frequently topped the list of best performers on the network and for those looking for a tennis service they can follow long term via bookmakers or exchanges then this is certainly a safe choice.

In terms of criticisms – it would be an improvement if reasoning and match previews could be provided with all advisory – currently it’s just around 15-20%. The service did suffer from downswings (losing runs) on numerous occasions during our monitoring period so far however this is to be expected. The bankroll management is clear and follows a simple 1-10 unit staking plan. The vast majority of bets are on the smaller end of that scale. Betting Gods recommend a starting bank of 100pt however would recommend something slightly larger (as with that scale subscribers could be potentially risking 10% of their bankroll on an individual bet)

Robert Fraser Tennis grades selections based on the ‘first set completed, bets stand rule’ which essentially means the player that progresses is deemed the match winner even if their opponent retires or the entire match isn’t completed. This settlement rule isn’t used by all bookmakers but is by every major exchange and key offerings such as Pinnacle Sports, Betfair, Marathonbet, Unibet and many others.

Multiple bookmaker accounts we used were limited to small stakes after following Robert Fraser Tennis. This is a significant compliment as bookmakers simply didn’t want our business – the main reason for this being their traders didn’t think our account would make a loss over the long term. As discussed previously the use of exchanges negates this problem.

Selection value is another key area where Robert Fraser Tennis appeals. Throughout the review period our team monitor not just if a selection wins or loses but also the value it presents. On average the losing bets recorded have lost by a small margin. A recent example of this was a selection backing Lucas Pouille to beat Rafael Nadal. The odds were significant at 8.20 with exchanges. Pouille won the first set and had multiple match points in the second set tie break. He eventually lost this match in three tight sets but clearly, although a 1 unit loss, presented value for subscribers and as such similar selections will deliver a profit long term. Based on the full results recorded over the monitoring period so far our team are confident this tipsters future performance will continue on the upward trend.

In terms of subscriber protection, this service is available solely through the Betting Gods network which is good news for multiple reasons. Firstly, subscribers can access selections via email, an account area or the app. Secondly, you can ask for a refund and get it no questions asked if you wish to cancel. This applies for the first 30 days of membership. Finally after reviewing various services on this network we can confirm results recorded are genuine and reliable.

Robert Fraser Tennis Results Spreadsheet
Robert Fraser Tennis Results Spreadsheet – Download Full Version >

As always with tipster services – there will be both good and bad periods. Robert Fraser Tennis is no exception to this. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing short term. i.e trying a tipster service for a few weeks and then cancelling if results are poor. In reality the best method is to research a service in detail then commit to them long term. Whether there is a losing period or multiple winners in your first few days as a member should not impact your commitment to the service. It’s long term that matters. will continue to monitor the Robert Fraser Tennis service and provide frequent updates regarding performance. Currently the service fully warrants an ‘A’ grade rating with an overall tipster score of 90. This will be refined over time as we learn more about the service and its long term attainment.

September 2017 Update:

The service continues to yield impressive results. Another point of note is that Robert Fraser Tennis now appears to provide detailed reasoning for all selections. This is always encouraging to see. An additional +£180.40 profit from £10 stakes since the last recorded results. Try Robert Fraser Tennis for £1 > (30 Days Access)

February 2018 Robert Fraser Review Update:

Results have stagnated somewhat over the past few months. It’s unrealistic to expect profit on the scale this service has delivered every single month. Still long term attainment fully warrants the A Grade rating.

Robert Fraser Tennis Review Synopsis

Tipster Score: 95  Grade: A (Excellent)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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