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Tennis Genie Review Summary

Tipster Score: 82  Grade: A (Recommended)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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The Tennis Genie Service was established back in 2012 and boasts impressive results in terms of units profit and return on investment since that period to present. External reviews seem mainly positive and so we approach this review with optimism. See a synopsis of our findings below.

As of the time of this review commencing the service has achieved a return on investment of 25.63% and 575 units profit (information correct as of 16/10). Selections are not proofed to an external agency however bets are added and locked on the platform so that acts as a form of verification.

The team now have an active subscription with the Tennis Genie service with full access to selections which are provided in the members area. There is a trial period available for new subscribers which is always encouraging however as always we would not recommend signing up to a paid option until the review period has at least some primary findings.

There will be daily updates going forward analysing the selections provided, results and projected value long-term. In the meantime there is more information available at

Tennis Genie Tipster Review
Tennis Genie Tipster Review – Initial Overview

Tennis Genie Review Update: Early October 2017

The trial period has started well with 2/2 profitable days so far. The profit achieved is an exceptional +49.00 units which equates to £490.00 at £10 stakes. The odds quoted for all selections were available at a large range of bookmakers and our team actually managed to achieve a slightly higher profit figure by using exchanges (after commission was factored in at 5% they made £502.40 from a £10 stake per unit)

Examples of selections over the past few days include Rybarikova to win in straight sets against Maria Sharapova. This was succesful at odds 11/2 (6.50). There were multiple other selections at similar odds that also delivered profit.

Tennis Genie Graph October
Tennis Genie Service Graph – Profit for September & October

Realistically we would expect bookmaker accounts to be limited if solely used for backing single markets on tennis as this service advises. That’s why the exchange option will be explored in detail throughout this review.

Advisory is provided in the members area of Tennis Genie the night before the matches are scheduled to begin (around 10PM from our limited experience so far). At the point the selections are sent there is typically rather low market liquidity on exchanges especially when the focus is on smaller ITF/Challenger matches. Its encouraging though that the prices for selections at the start time are around the level quoted and over the first few days have actually drifted slightly for most markets.

Tennis Genie looks promising at this stage and fully warrants the current rating of 70 (B) as of this time. The profit achieved over the past few days is likely to be an outlier and it will be interesting to monitor the service long-term and see if results can be sustained.

After studying the full results history it does appear Tennis Genie frequently endures losing runs so bankroll management is key. This is an area our team will look at in more detail as the proofing period for this review continues.

Full details for this particular update are available in this post.

Tennis Genie Review – Further Update [Downgraded to C Rating]

The results over the past week have shown a dramatic decline. The overall profit/loss figures aren’t too bad as the profit made earlier this month compensated but regular downswings of this nature make a tipster service difficult to follow. We’ll continue to monitor both the trend and consistency of selections going forward but for now the service has been downgraded from a ‘Grade B’ to ‘Grade C’ with a score of 55/100

November 2017 – Grade Increased to A

Stellar results over recent weeks. Detailed reasoning now provided with all advisory in the Tennis Genie members area. Highly recommended.

Tennis Genie Review Synopsis:

Tipster Score: 82  Grade: A (Recommended)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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