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Tipster Score: 70  Grade: B
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As a popular service with many subscribers ‘The Football Formula‘ is certainly worth a look at in detail. The focus of this tipster is immediately evident after a brief inspection of results – strike rate. The service went on a fourteen long winning run for example.

Strike rate is not something we like to focus on at as return on investment and units profit are far more insightful statistics. That’s not to say it’s not relevant though. Lengthy downswings (periods without any winners) are difficult to manage without disciplined bankroll management and so regular profitable bets can make the long grind a little more tolerable. have an active subscription to ‘The Football Formula’ starting today – 16th October 2017 – so will have full access to selections. Going forward our team will provide regular updates and analysis of selections. Monitoring results and the overall quality of the service ultimately allowing our team to give ‘The Football Formula’ a rating and grade on the 1-100 scale that all tipsters are marked against.

In the meantime there is more information about ‘The Football Formula’ on Betting Gods as that’s the network offering the service. Updates will be available from tomorrow.

The Football Formula Review | Betting Gods Tipster [Initial Overview]
The Football Formula Tipster Review | Betting Gods Tipster Initial Overview. The chart shows bankroll growth for the period since the service launched on the network. Results have not been verified by however Betting Gods is a credible and trustworthy operation.
October Review Update: Starting on a positive note the markets and odds advised are easy to access as virtually all bookmakers and exchanges offer them with considerable liquidity. As alluded to earlier in the initial review – Football Formula frequently uses low odds which can work but requires an exceptional strike rate to deliver sustained profit. So far it’s difficult to see this service providing followers with a substantial income however could appeal to those looking for low risk, regular winners on football markets.

Football Formula Results Spreadsheet
Football Formula Results Spreadsheet – Minor Loss in October

November has produced mixed results so far but as of the time of publishing this update the profit figure is £22.40 from £10 stakes per unit. The Football Formula appears to be a low variance service with typical daily liability low. It’s unlikely to delivery a significant income but for those wanting a service with steady results and a high strike rate this appeals.

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