Value Racing Tips Review | Betting Gods Tipster [Initial Findings & Observations]

An established tipster on the Betting Gods network – Value Racing Tips has delivered considerable and sustained profit for subscribers. Focusing on simple ‘race winner’ bets only it’s not complicated to follow. Of course there is the age-old problem with horse racing tipsters of trying to get the quoted price/odds before it inevitably shortens. Our team will comment on how much of an issue this is as the review progresses.

Other tipster review portals have given positive feedback for Value Racing Tips so it will be interesting to see how it scores on our 1-100 scale.

Further updates will be provided shortly. If you would like to learn more about the review process view the ‘How Reviews Work‘ section.

Value Racing Tips Review Summary

Tipster Score: 87   Grade: A
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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