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APS Basketball Tips is the first service covering this sport that we have reviewed and indeed the first tipster of its kind to launch on the ever expanding Betting Gods network.

The first area of note is that the person behind this service (Arvinder) bets and trades on basketball as a career which is always encouraging. They have been doing this since 2013.

Strike rate and Return on Investment (ROI) are two of the key performance metrics that stand out initially, Over half of all selections return a profit. The odds range varies but an average selection is in the 1.90 – 2.00 range and uses a handicap market.

APS Basketball Tips Review
APS Basketball Tips Review – Spreadsheet Snapshot

The review period will now commence where our team shadow a service as a subscriber would. Actually following the advised bets using bookmakers and exchanges to monitor results but also crucially look at potential pitfalls for the service such as the likelihood of getting account restrictions with bookmakers or lack of liquidity on exchanges.

Project Profit: Summary of Performance for APS Basketball Tips

This tipster was rated highly and consequently included in the Checkatipster portfolio for the ‘Project Profit’ experiment. The concept being to analysis how realistic it is to follow a small selection of reputable tipsters and make a substantial income using a single bookmaker and exchange account. The odds quoted were the price our team actually received from the bookmaker or exchange used NOT the odds stated by the tipster. This is to measure how attainable odds are and how this affects long term performance vs the official recorded results on Betting Gods. Project results recorded from October 17 onwards.

BSP (Betfair Start Price) – This is the price (odds) available at the official start time of an event. In horse racing this is available to be backed automatically using Betfair Exchange. For selections covering sports other than horse racing the start price recorded is the odds available just before the match begins. In other words if subscribers waited to place bets until just before they went in-play what odds would they receive. For all selections this is recorded in the ‘notes’ section. The original odds quoted by the tipster is provided in the far left column.

Available Betfair Odds – The team place bets 1 hour (60 minutes) after advisory is received from tipsters. It’s at this point that the odds in the column below are recorded. The purpose of this is to give a fair reflection of the prices most subscribers will obtain as more often than not the odds will rapidly shorten.

Project Profit Reports will be published regularly analysing results in detail including all advisory provided by ‘APS Basketball Tips’. These posts will clearly document the actual profit or loss made by the Checkatipster team.

Tipster Selection Details: Available Betfair Odds: Returns: Value Rating: Checkatipster.com Notes:
-3 Detroit Pistons (2 units) @ Odds 1.91 with Marathonbet 1.90 @ Exchange -£20.00 9/100 (Poor) 97-86 defeat for Pistons. Competitive but never likely to cover handicap BSP: 1.89
-7.5 Houston Rockets (3 units) @ Odds 1.96 with Marathonbet 1.84 @ Sportsbook -£30.00 38/100 (Moderate) Led throughout until last quarter. Decent value just unfortunate BSP: 1.91
+1.5 Sacramento Kings (1 unit) @ Odds 1.93 with Pinnacle Sports 1.84 @ Sportsbook -£10.00 40/100 (Moderate) Difficult to obtain odds as market moved (significant price drift for Sacramento Kings). Dominated later stages but too far behind. Narrow loss that couldn’t be covered by the handicap BSP: 1.66
-1.5 VENEZIA in 1st Quarter (1 unit) @ Odds 1.91 with Bwin 1.85 @ Sportsbook £-10.00 4/100 (Poor) Beaten 22-6 in the first quarter BSP: 1.84
-6.5 MONACO in 1st Half (2 units) @ Odds 1.91 with Skybet 1.84 @ Sportsbook +£36.67 78/100 (Good) Challenge to get the quoted price as only available at single bookmaker BSP: 1.82
UNDER 175.5 POINTS Bilbao v Partizan (1 unit) @ Odds 1.91 with Sportingbet 1.84 @ Sportsbook -£10.00 14/100 (Poor) High total score (188) clearly passing line BSP: 2.06
OVER 160.5 POINTS Barcelona v Zalgiris Kaunas (2 units) @ Odds 1.91 with Unibet 1.91 @ Sportsbook -£20.00 36/100 (Moderate) Below the required level by a moderate margin BSP: 1.80
Overall P/L: +£151.20 (Oct 17 – Present) View Full Record Proofed Betslips for APS Basketball >

November 2017 Update: The end of last month delivered a sharp decline eating up most of the profit accumulated. Considering the average odds were below evens (2.00) the strike rate was a concern at just 20-30%. Since then results have improved and this months profit figure looks healthy. Tipsters can’t deliver profit constantly so it’s important to focus long term and that’s an area where APS Basketball certainly impresses. One concern is the availability of odds and markets. Handicap markets move quickly and it’s difficult to exactly replicate the recorded profit for that reason.

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