Tuesday 24th October 2017 Update -Project Profit – Make an Income from a Tipster Portfolio

Project Profit Synopsis: The Objective

The concept is simple – follow the advisory provided by the highest rated tipsters that Checkatipster.com have proofed and graded. Using just a Betfair SB and Exchange account to place bets and/or back the relevant markets with £10 stake per unit. Can our team make a reliable, sustained income by doing this? That’s what this project is all about an in-depth experiment looking beyond simple profit and return on investment statistics into the more relevant practical elements of following a tipster such as odds availability, potential bookmaker account restrictions, exchange liquidity and various other factors. Read more about ‘Project Profit

Which Tipster Services for ‘Project Profit’?

Selected based on results in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) and units profit but also crucially scored well during the review period for market and quoted odds availability.

Big Race Bookie Busters – A Grade Rated Horse Racing Tipster
APS Basketball – Specialist in Basketball Handicap Markets
Pinnacle Racing Tips – UK Horse Racing Singles, Doubles & Trebles

Robert Fraser Tennis & Chloe’s Football Focus will be added shortly.

Tuesday 24th October 2017 Summary:

Number of Bets: Overall Profit: Strike Rate: Return on Investment:
7 (Across Services) -£8.65 28.6% (2 Won) 0.00%

Comprehensive Breakdown for 24/10/17

Tipster Service: Pinnacle Racing Tips

+£34.68 today from a single selection. Clear victory for Talaaqy (rarely challenged). The profit figure recorded has a 5% charge applied due to the commission charge. The odds quoted by the tipster were easy to obtain and even exceed. The Checkatipster team backed this selection using Betfair Exchange at odds 1.73 (£50 matched within a few minutes)

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Talaaqy Betfair Betslip
Pinnacle Racing Tips Subscriber Email – Received at 09:10 UK Time. Yarmouth 24th October 2017 Betfair Betslip Result- Talaaqy [Odds 1.73] Profit shown is net before commission applied.

Tipster Service: Big Race Bookie Busters

2/2 selections lost today however the value rating was relatively high for both markets. Sternrubin challenged well and had every chance. Optimistic outlook going forward however for today 2 units lost which equates to -£20.00 at current stakes.


Exeter 24th October 15:20 - Vieux Lille [Odds 5.70]
Exeter 24th October 15:20 – Vieux Lille [Odds 5.70]
Exeter 24th October 16:50 - Sternrubin [Odds 5.10]
Exeter 24th October 16:50 – Sternrubin [Odds 5.10]

Tipster Service: APS Basketball

Loss made today. Selections relatively conservative so disappointing overall. Three losing bets and a single winner. All bets below evens (2.00)

APS Basketball Tips Subscriber Notification Email
APS Basketball Tips Subscriber Notification Email – Received 10:54 UK Time
APS Basketball Tips Betslip
APS Basketball Tips Betslip – 24/10/17


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