Wednesday 25th October 2017 Update – Project Profit – Make an Income from a Tipster Portfolio

Video Update: Project Profit

The data on this page is now finalized. The complete version of reports with be available in the morning at around 10AM (UK Time).

Project Profit - Make an Income from a Tipster Portfolio - 25th October 2017 VideoUpdate

P/L Results Summary for 25/10/17 (Wednesday)

The table shows a comprehensive list of all bets advised by the tipster services used for ‘Project Profit’ on 25th October. This includes the actual profit or loss achieved by the Checkatipster team who followed all selections with a stake of £10/unit.

BSP (Betfair Start Price) – This is the price (odds) available at the official start time of an event. In horse racing this is available to be backed automatically using Betfair Exchange. For selections covering sports other than horse racing the start price recorded is the odds available just before the match begins. In other words if subscribers waited to place bets until just before they went in-play what odds would they receive. For all selections this is recorded in the ‘comments’ section. The original odds quoted by the tipster is provided in the far left column.

Available Betfair Odds – The team place bets 1 hour (60 minutes) after advisory is received from tipsters. It’s at this point that the odds in the column below are recorded. The purpose of this is to give a fair reflection of the prices most subscribers will obtain as more often than not the odds will rapidly shorten.

Bet List Available Betfair Odds: Returns: Value Rating: Tipster Service: Checkatipster Team Comments:
-1.5 Minnesota Timberwolves (1 unit) @ 1.98 with Dafabet 1.90 @ SB -£10.00 15/100 (Poor) APS Basketball The handicap line available at Betfair was slightly different to that advised. Beaten by large margin  BSP: 2.40 (drifted)
-6.5 Cleveland Cavaliers (2 units) @ 2.00 with Betstars 1.90 @ SB -£20.00 8/100 (Very Poor) APS Basketball Handicap line slight variation with Betfair. Narrow loss but nowhere near covering handicap BSP: 1.76
+14.5 Indiana Pacers (1 unit) @ 1.96 with Marathonbet 1.90 @ SB -£10.00 31/100 (Fair) APS Basketball Slight variation with handicap line. Beaten by 18 pts  BSP: 1.72
-4 Memphis Grizzlies (3 units) @ 1.96 with Betstars 1.90 @ SB -£30.00 12/100 (Poor) APS Basketball Different handicap line at Betfair SB. Failed to cover handicap by large margin BSP: 1.95
-6 Washington Wizards (3 units) @ 1.98 with 12bet 1.91 @ SB -£30.00 18/100 (Poor) APS Basketball Beaten by a small margin but not close to covering the handicap BSP: 2.02
Springtown Lake, Coolongolook (5 units, double) @ 3.32 with Sunbets 3.22 @ SB -£50.00 10/100 (Poor) Pinnacle Racing Tips Springtown Lake narrowly won. Coolongolook finished 2nd BSP: 3.10
Joao Sousa (Match Winner) @ 6.00 with Smarkets 7.20 @ Exchange -£10.00 85/100 (Good) Robert Fraser Tennis Price drifted so easy to get odds above quoted level. Competed well BSP: 7.80
Joao Sousa +1.5 (Set Handicap) @ 2.50 with Paddy Power 2.75 @ SB +£35.00 92/100 (Excellent) Robert Fraser Tennis Won the second set. Quoted odds easy to exceed BSP: 2.78
Chievo (Match Winner) @ 3.60 with Bet365 3.50 @ SB -£20.00 15/100 (Poor) Chloe’s Football Focus Price shortened. Comfortably beaten (2-0 at half time) and 4-1 at FT BSP: 3.40
Chievo or Draw (Double Chance) @ 1.73 with Betfair 1.73 @ SB -£10.00 12/100 (Poor) Chloe’s Football Focus Small price and comprehensively beaten BSP: 1.68
Chievo -1 (Asian Handicap) @ 7.00 with Unibet 8.00 @ SB -£20.00 10/100 (Poor) Chloe’s Football Focus Never close to covering the handicap BSP: 8.00
Total P/L: -£175.00 Strike Rate: 9.1%

What is ‘Project Profit’?

Checkatipster follow a select group (portfolio) of tipsters that have been graded and rated highly from the extensive review period. The objective is to follow all selections sent by those services using a single sportsbook and exchange account.

The results recorded will be the actual profit or loss achieved by our team with real money bets at £10 stake per unit. This is to measure how accessible the quoted odds are and if there is enough market liquidity on exchanges. Ultimately the goal is to measure if it’s possible to follow a small group of reputable tipsters to generate an income that can match or even surpass that of average full-time employment.

Which Tipsters? Grade A Rated

Full Project Profit Details (including summary results)

Overall Project Attainment Table

Total Profit / Loss: +£2163.40 (October 2017 – Present)
Average Monthly Income: £2163.40
Tipster Services Recorded: Pinnacle Racing Tips, Big Race Bookie Busters, Chloe’s Football Focus, Robert Fraser Tennis & APS Basketball
Bookmaker / Exchanges: Betfair used only.
Amount Staked: £10/unit

Subscriber Notification Emails from Tipsters

This section shows screenshots of the email notification received as a subscriber of each monitored tipster service for ‘Project Profit’. This shows the time advisory was received and the quoted odds, recommended stake size etc.

The odds and profit shown in the table above are the actual prices the Checkatipster team could obtain or get matched.

Big Race Bookie Busters Notification

APS Basketball 25th October

Pinnacle Racing Tips 25th October 2017

Robert Fraser Tennis 25th October

Chloe Football Focus 25th October 2017 Notification
Subscriber Email Notification for Tipster Services – [Received Late Evening / Early Morning on 25th October 2017] Profit figures are those recorded from quoted odds. The table at the top of this page shows the actual profit the Checkatipster team achieved using a single bookmaker and exchange account. This will usually be slightly lower than that recorded by the official record.

Betslips from 25/10/17

For monitoring results in this project the Checkatipster team place real bets using Betfair SB and/or exchange to follow advisory with a stake of £10/unit. This is to measure results for ourselves rather than just accept the profit figures tipsters state. It’s always a hassle having to use multiple bookmaker accounts when following a tipster so one of the objectives we have is to see how close we can get to replicating results with just a single bookmaker account with the additional access to exchange liquidity. Wagers were placed one hour after advisory was received.

Betfair Betslips for 25/10/2017
Betfair Betslips for 25/10/2017


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