ThunderStrike Tipstrr – Verified Tipster Review Project – Results Update for July 2018

Checkatipster are monitoring numerous tipster services that have passed the strict set of eligibility criteria to ultimately gain verified status. ThunderStrike on Tipstrr has particularly impressed in terms of the consistent attainment over the months proofed and indeed prior to that.  As a brief synopsis the service has delivered a 39.0% ROI with a 42% strike / win rate and average odds of over 7/1 (8.00)

In terms of how achievable these results are to achieve when practically trying to get the quoted odds and recommended stakes – ThunderStrike comes up trumps again. On average over 6 hours notice is given and its easy to exceed the recorded profit by using an exchange instead of a bookmaker.

Results will continue to be monitored in the meantime check out other verified tipsters

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