Highest Rated Tipsters (A Grade)

In this section the tipster services that have achieved the highest accolade of an ‘A Grade’ rating on the Checkatipster.com 1-100 scale are displayed. Find out more about how these scores are calculated or scroll down to see the recommended services. Services that have achieved this rating come with Checkatipster.com subscriber protection. This means if you sign up to an approved service and are not satisfied then our team will get you a full refund for the subscription cost or pay it ourselves. Contact our team for full terms.

1.) Robert Fraser Tennis (Betting Gods)

After a 6 month monitoring period this service delivered sustained and considerable monthly profit. Losing selections were frequently by a small margin and odds recorded/ quoted were easy to obtain or even exceed using a bookmaker or exchange. During the later periods of the trial our team found many bookmakers restricted / limited accounts which is a great compliment to Robert’s service. Clearly this could be considered a negative but ultimately if you are looking to make an income from a reputable tipster then using an exchange is the way forward to avoid the aforementioned limitations. Read Full Review

Robert Fraser Tennis Review Summary

Tipster Score: 95  Grade: A (Excellent)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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Robert Fraser Tennis Results Spreadsheet
Robert Fraser Tennis Results Spreadsheet – Full Version

2.) Footy Doubles (Betting Gods)

The odds quoted are always easy to obtain and bookmakers are unlikely to limit accounts (at least short term) as subscribers won’t be advised to place singles. Profit is sustained, reliable and losing streaks short.

Footy Doubles Review Summary

Tipster Score: 90  Grade: A (Very Good)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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3.) Big Race Bookie Busters

Selective approach with a relatively low volume of total bets. Limited liability and strict bankroll management. Results highly impressive with consistent results and a solid long term Return on Investment (ROI) and respectable strike rate for a horse racing tipster.

Big Race Bookie Busters Review Conclusion:

Tipster Score: 89  Grade: A (Very Good)
How are Tipster Scores Calculated?

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