Our Process: How Services are Verified & Reviewed

The small team that runs checkatipster.com follow tipster services as any subscriber would. Receiving access to selections at the same time as other members. What makes our reviews unique is that instead of just monitoring and recording results the team actually follow the advisory with real money bets via the recommended bookmakers or exchanges. This allows us to establish how attainable the odds quoted are and if bookmaker account restrictions and limitations are probable.

Another key area that sets our reviews above the rest is the concept of ‘value’. Whether a specific bet wins or loses is not always the best measure of its quality. For example a tipster service could back a football team at odds of evens (2.00). They could be dominated the entire match with their opponents hitting the woodwork, missing penalties and so forth but then manage to score a last minute winner. Does that make the selection good value? Chances are similar selections will fail to deliver profit long term.

By contrast a horse racing tipster may select a horse at 50/1. That selection could be beaten in a photo finish which most other tipster reviewers would simply mark as a loss. Our team take the outcome into account in far more detail than a ‘black and white’ win or loss. This allows our team to make far better projections regarding a tipsters future performance.

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