Project Profit: Make an Income from Verified Sport Tipsters & Betfair SB / Exchange

Project Profit‘ is an experiment to see how practical and realistic it is to make a living from following the advisory sent by verified sports tipsters. The team behind Checkatipster will follow the selections provided by the highest rated tipster services that have achieved a high score and rating from extensive proofing and analysis.

This project will run continuously; commencing in late 2017. A summary of results will be provided in the footer of this page and will be updated regularly. Profit recorded will be the actual results achieved by following advisory using Betfair Sportsbook and Exchange exclusively. The decision was made to only use this service as it’s the most accessible bookmaker and covers all required sports and markets.

Which Tipster Services for ‘Project Profit’?

Currently the following services are used as the source of selections. This portfolio of tipsters will be updated and refined over time to find the most successful combination.

*Additional tipsters may be used from

FAQ: Make an Income from Sport Tipsters

How much will be staked? All services use a 1-10 unit stake bankroll management plan. The amount bet will be £10 per unit for the duration of this project.

When will ‘Project Profit’ run until? It will continue for the foreseeable future with the objective of providing sports investors with detailed information for use analysing these services as potential investment options and/or a source of income.

Can I get involved? Yes, we always welcome feedback regarding the services used. Simply send comments to and a team member will respond and potentially include your findings and views in future updates. If you wish to replicate the results recorded there are subscription trials for all tipsters.

Project Profit: Overall P/L Results Synopsis Table
Most recent update 28/03/18 – £1000 Initial Bankroll 
Total Profit / Loss: +£5442.60 (October 2017 – Present)
Overall Bankroll: +£6442.60 (+544.26% Growth)
Tipster Services Recorded: Big Race Bookie Busters, Golf Betting Expert, The Bookies Enemy & The Each Way King
Bookmaker / Exchanges: Betfair used only.
Amount Staked: 1% total bankroll / unit

November Bankroll Update: The two horse racing services failed to deliver a profit this month averting at a moderate loss of between £110 – £200 over the four weeks recorded. The other service covering golf had a month that more than compensated for this with over £1000 profit from 1% bankroll per unit. Full November 2017 Summary

October Bankroll Update: Stellar start to the project with a 198.55% bankroll growth during this month so far. This figure could easily be exceeded with access to multiple bookmaker accounts (although limits likely) or indeed other exchanges with lower base rate commission. Full October 2017 Summary

March 2018 Update: Since the last update overall bankroll has grown to £6442.60 (this was achieved by following a small portfolio of tipsters from the Betting Gods network)

Project Profit Reports will be published regularly analysing results in detail.

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