1-100 Score [Grading]

Each tipster reviewed will be give an overall numeric rating on a scale from 1-100. This is based on the various factors that make a service appealing for serious investors looking to make an additional income. This score will be updated constantly as the Review period progresses. Checkatipster.com continue monitoring tipster services constantly for as long as they are active and accepting subscribers.

Primary Factors for Calculating Tipster Score:

Overall Results and Performance

Considering the units profit and return on investment achieved during the review period. Also more advanced metrics such as the strike rate, downswings, upswings and consistency illustrated by the tipster service selected. Checkatipster.com are different in that our team analyse selections each and every day looking at the value each selection presented. Not simply ‘did it win or lose?’ but instead considering are similar selections likely to deliver a profit long term. This predictive modelling is far more relevant to potential subscribers considering a service as it helps identify a future correlation and negates the impact of ‘lucky streaks’ and instead draws the focus to services finding genuine value on a regular basis.

Bankroll Management Approach, Risk & Liability

The team look for responsible tipster services that limit liability and avoid bad practises such as chasing losses. Note that just because a service may increase stakes during certain periods this is not always a negative sign. It could simply because selections during that time period are presenting a higher margin of value to subscribers.

Odds Availability & Bookmaker Restrictions

Are the prices quoted widely available and realistic for most subscribers to access? For example recording profit based on odds available at a single, small bookmaker is unlikely to impress on our tipster score. Also consider the impact of bookmaker restrictions. They aren’t a charity. If you follow a tipster and win regularly you’ll almost certainly find your account stake limits capped or even accounts closed entirely in some cases. Services that use exchanges and BSP (Betfair Start Price) appeal as this will avoid the aforementioned issues however this is rare.

Additional Metrics, Factors & Considerations

Each tipster service is unique and as such there will be certain extra positive and negative factors that will contribute towards the rating provided. For example if a tipster does recommend using an exchange is there sufficient market liquidity for all subscribers in the majority of cases? In a nutshell Checkatipster.com are looking for services that are genuinely profitable and likely to continue with this trend in the future and crucially that recommend stakes and odds that are accessible to most subscribers.

Equating Scores to Grades:

A (Score: 85-100) – An exceptional service that has rated highly in all keys areas. Results are achieved in terms of profit performance are of a high standard and the value of selections is also considerable indicating the trend is likely to continue in the future.

B (Score: 70-84) – Tipster services that achieve this grade are highly recommended however come with at least some negative aspects that cause concern. This could be difficulty getting the quoted odds or little notice given with advisory for example.

C (Score: 50-69) – Services given a score within this grade have illustrated many positive factors but there is likely to be an issue surrounding the value of selections. The service may have achieved many winners that were narrowly successful for example. This isn’t always cause for worry but if a consistent theme throughout the review period it will lead to a lower score and grade.

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