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Checkatipster have launched the ‘Tipster Verification’ service. The concept is that an individual or group can sign up to have their selections proofed and if after an extensive period the results meet our criteria – then the service will be launched for members to join through our network. The proofing team will follow the advisory provided and place real bets using bookmakers and exchanges to verify how practical the service is to follow. The profit recorded for the verification process will be the actual returns achieved by the proofing team (not necessarily the odds originally quoted as this may have been difficult to obtain)

How do Tipsters achieve Checkatipster Verified Status?

1.) Considerable and reliable monthly Return on Investment (ROI). This is required to be above 25% in most cases. The key here is consistency. Any service can have a good month but sustained results long term illustrate the tipster has a genuine edge.

2.) Sufficient notice so the service is practical to follow. Checkatipster appreciate that subscribers are all around the world in different time zones. It’s not realistic to check for tips manually constantly throughout the day. To gain a high rating in this area the tipster must send advisory at a consistent time each day and with at least a few hours remaining before the event starts

3.) Odds availability and exchange market liquidity. Reputable services with a large following are often profitable but the problem is the advised odds are difficult to obtain. Bookmaker prices will shorten quickly as money from the subscribers floods the market. It can move a 16/1 shot to 10/1 or even less in a few minutes. Even if the member is lucky enough to obtain the price quoted; it’s likely their account will be limited as most bookmakers don’t support subscribers who consistently beat the SP (Start Price).

The alternative is using an exchange (i.e Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, BETDAQ). This solves the issue of bookmaker limitations but how practical is this method considering market liquidity for the bets advised by the tipster. This is a crucial factor that the Checkatipster team consider.

Approved Tipster Services:

– Tennis Investment Community  View Full Community Results

– ThunderStrike  Tipstrr Profile >

Currently there are only a small range of services that have passed all of the strict criteria. If any freer tipsters do achieve this feat by ranking highly in all of the areas above then the services will be added to this section. Results during the proofing period are documented using (please note selections are added after the event on this platform so subscribers can’t follow advisory via that method)

Failed Tipster Services:

The individuals named below have participated in the Checkatipster proofing program but unfortunately did not pass on to the approved list. Please note that the tipsters below were promising in at least a few key areas. Those that fail to meet any requirements are excluded from the program and not included below. To be clear the service could have delivered profit but must have had issues in other areas (such as lack of odds availability for example). The service analysed and monitored must be profitable and practical to follow for potential subscribers in order to get verified and recommended.

Martin Baites-Firth (Horse Racing)  Rating: 24/100

Comments: Minor profit achieved (4.4% ROI during the proofing period). Considering the subscription cost desired by the tipster this wouldn’t present value for subscribers. Relatively low strike rate and highly variable staking plan also cause for concern.

🔘 Active Proofing Projects:

This section shows all the services that are currently undergoing the verification process. Follow Checkatipster on Twitter for regular updates on these services. To confirm these services are not yet recommended just subject to monitoring.

Mark Swaine (UK/IRE Horse Racing)  Full Mark Swaine’s Verified Results

Comments: After conducting an initial interview with Mark his expertise regarding UK Racing was immediately evident. He agreed to record all results at BSP (Betfair Start Price) which removes the issue of trying to obtain odds before they shorten.  Proofing period started on 21st April 2018.

Ryan Marsay (ATP Tennis)  Full Ryan Marsay’s Verified Results

Comments: Trades markets using exchanges as his full time job and source of income. Past results (in terms of pre-match bets) are encouraging. Proofing started 20th April 2018. Regular updates will be provided throughout the process on social media.

Zack Reed (European Football)  Full Zack Reed’s Verified Results

Comments: Focuses specifically on the major European leagues (i.e Premier League, Serie  A, La Liga etc.) These matches are covered well by bookmakers and exchange liquidity is almost always healthy. Intitial signs encouraging.

Tennis Investment Community  View Full Community Results

Comments: An interesting concept of bringing a group of successful tennis pre-match traders and bettors together to create an active community. They agree on a set of markets to advise which members receive each morning (essentially a tipster service). There are then further selections provided throughout the day if value is available.

ThunderStrike  Tipstrr Profile >

Comments: This service is operated through the Tipstrr platform so their current record is verified in terms of the fact that only valid bookmaker odds can be selected and a minimum notice of 30 minutes must be provided. As always though, the Checkatipster team will attempt to follow the service with real money bookmaker and exchange accounts to assess the practicality of doing so for potential future subscribers. This service covers multiple sports and advises singles and accumulators.

Summary Notes for Tipster Verification: Checkatipster aim to find genuinely profitable services that will yield considerable returns for subscribers. Whilst past performance provides no guarantees of future attainment – it is a strong indicator when analysed in detailed over the long term. The team will work closely with tipsters to control their services reach. Subscriber numbers will be limited to preserve value (as large numbers of followers will cause a price to shorten quickly and vastly reduce potential profits for most members). Subscribers will also be protected by Checkatipster with a no questions asked refund policy if the service isn’t as described.

Looking for Verification?  The tipster proofing service is free. Simply apply via the form below. Please note that the standards required are high. All advised bets will need to be delivered to the proofing mailbox at least three hours before the event starts. The odds recorded must be available at multiple bookmakers and or exchanges so it’s realistic that subscribers could obtain that price. In the event that the service passes the process, Checkatipster will arrange to launch the service. The tipster will receive 100% of the subscription revenue once payment processing fees are deducted. There will be a strict limitation applied with regard to the membership places available for each service to preserve the value to subscribers that do join.

Note – Checkatipster are unable to accept past attainment as proof of results. A new record will be started and all results documented based on the odds actually obtained by the team not those quoted.






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